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Oct 6, 2012, 4:51 PM

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Re: [Farflung] Marla And Her Tale

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RobertMBlevins responds without a hint of downstream consideration with:

Yet no one else at the house will verify this story, or the comics, not even her mother…”

Soooo…… ummm…… yeah…… gosh (ugh)….. If that’s so important regarding Marla’s story and used to impeach what she said, then I guess I’ve got to get on board and violently agree since I’m a man, and a man who does what he says, because I’ve got a pair. That being said…….

Since Lyle, a brother of a suspect, won’t back up the story, as he said during an interview on 920 AM, then that makes for the immediate and total elimination of Kenny from the suspect pool for the exact same reason.

What say you RobertMBlevins?

I say that Lyle had not a clue whether or not his brother was the hijacker. You ignore the obvious. This alleged radio interview happened BEFORE AB of Seattle began investigating Christiansen, and before Porteous started checking out different people on my request. Since Lyle didn't live in Washington state, and the only time he visited his brother was while his brother was dying, and since KC never came out and TOLD his brother he was the hijacker....then how would Lyle KNOW one way or another? Answer: He didn't, so his opinion is moot.

Trust me on this: Even if Lyle said this five years ago, you can bet he isn't saying it today, especially after I presented him with the evidence gathered from the investigation.

The comparison you use to Marla's story doesn't make sense. Marla says all of this (the hijacking and LD and his brother's involvement) happened during a major family gathering. This means ACTUAL WITNESSES. Unfortunately, not a single person who was there will verify any of her statements. And they were THERE. Sister, mother, brother. Was little Marla the only one who noticed LD and his brother came home and that LD was injured?

I'm not going any further with this one. I simply don't believe her story.

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