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Mr Shutter wrote
I found nothing Hypnotizing about Marla other than on a MILF scale of 1-10 she would be about a 6!

Care to explain the MILF acronym? I am far from being PC but don't you think publicly rating Marla's desirability as someone you'd like to fk is a bit disrespectful to her? She was pretty brave to present at the symposium, kinda like walking into the lions den. She didn't have handlers and didn't dodge questions. Maybe she has misinterpreted childhood memories and maybe she sought media attention, but I thought she handled herself pretty well. Sure she was attractive but she wasn't using sex to sell her story. Do I think LD was DBC? Nope.
Do I think Marla was a cynical liar seeking to profit from a fake story? Nope.

Flame away. I have a Nomex jumpsuit.


perhaps it was a bit harsh to some, I don't like to call people liars, but, her story does not fit once you go through it, the magazine, well the best thing to do IMO would be to gather all the facts of the case find the weak ones and run with it. she seems to know a awful lot about the case ( no crime there) but found it strange that McCoy landed 5 miles from his house and according to Marla LD landed 6!

getting back to the magazines, this also grew from one to several, I just can't buy into an 8 year old girl remembering all of this in detail! she was never "hypnotized" from what I heard on a interview was her stating she was told to go in a cool dark place and think, something to that effect. for someone who claims to have the answer to the worlds only unsolved hijacking, she sure as melted into the background! personally I would be hard at work preparing everything I have found out about a Family member involved in something like this!

the house that was in Sisters is way to small as to what Marla was describing by stating LD and Dewey had rooms there, no other records were found about property owned there. old timers recall the house I showed as well as to where they lived.

If Marla is not being truthful about her story, well this would also be a kick in the face to millions of people who believed her story!

the last place LD was before he died was owned by Dale Miller who stated LD's wife had taken everything he owned which I found not to be true either, she took his name off the deed to the house several years after he died, the fact of her alone not talking also brings red flags into play!

Now for his Birth, once again we do not see Marla coming forward explaining why his headstone reads 9/17/1931 when his school & Military records show a different story?
The Family tree also shows this! the cemetery also claims to have two different dates?

these are just some of the questions that need answers, so as you say yourself, where is Marla? the comment was directed as a joke but I can see where it might be disrespectful but reflecting a moment, where has Marla been respectful to many in this field, I understand people think she was ran off, but, if she is being honest about her story she shouldn't let people's remarks about her story get in her way!

If you had the key to the worlds only unsolved hijacking, would you sit on it after a wild Public free for all?

IMHO I think Marla scrambled towards the end because of the book and started adding things to her story in order to keep the fire lit hoping it would pay off, If I'm wrong then so be it, If I offended you by the statement I apologize to you or anyone on here!

as for Marla's personality, I'm not sure if she would find it disrespectful, but I could be wrong. again it was just a joke that seems to have been taken wrong.

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