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Oct 6, 2012, 3:15 PM

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Re: [Robert99] Passive Aggressive Women to English Phrasebook

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I just said somethings I deleted - and it is hard to keep all of this inside.

Farf - I hope you have to CRAP in a thicket of Poison Ivy and Blackberry thorns and a bed of FIRE ants! Then on that evening have to appear at your own Wedding without A/C and be dressed in a Tuxedo.

Jo, Is the above part of your Kentucky charm? I'll bet Duane loved you for your genteel qualities.


Genteel - definitely NOT!
Crude - only because circumstances and time are NOT on my side.

I grew up a lady and remained a lady until I had to deal with the FBI. In the beginning when I first contacted them in 1996 I just offered up what I had to help, but the letter of 1998 - showed they had done NOTHING.

Then by 2000 with the help of the media and some good friends - I had enough to confront the FBI, but again they used lies to cover lies. Then I had NO choice but to go public.

Between the computer and age and this thread - yea, I've had to put on the "charm" (translated to get down and get dirty without using a lot of nasty words) to make my point. If nothing else works and I feel bad - play the sympathy card to get some help.

I have thought more "bad" words and written more "bad"words in this thread than I ever thought possible for me. If someone in the past used certain words I turned and walked away - not anymore . I do sometime try to say what I am thinking in a sarcastice way, but never quiet got the hang of it.

If some of the things I say make me sound mean - then so be it. I learned sitting still and being polite was NOT getting me anywhere with the Cooper thing. I have never been one to pull things together and able to present them in an organized way - I needed help. Because of the yrs involved and my age - even my files are scrambled.

I feel I have failed and that makes me feel hopeless. So excuse me if I do NOT beat around the bush gently when there is something I need to say.

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