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Re: [Farflung] Marla And Her Tale

'In the interest of discussing ‘other suspects’, I want to check out Marla, then review her tale. The fact that her family won’t back up her story is a non-sequitur. RobertMBlevins knows this truly doesn’t matter in the least...' matters quite a lot. Marla has claimed that LD and his brother returned to the house on Thanksgiving morning and that LD was injured in an accident. Yet no one else at the house will verify this story, or the comics, not even her mother, and LD was temporarily living at mother's house. Had his own bedroom. One of the things I said about this supposed accident, and the fact that no one who was at that dinner table that night...don't you think someone would have noticed that LD was bleeding all over his turkey dressing? Sister, mother, brother, all were there. None can confirm any of this happened.

'Her story is much more appealing with its supple, pouting appearance complete with a British sports car instead of some station wagon pulling an Airstream, because station wagons pulling Airstreams do much better on snow covered mountain roads...'

Never said that IF the trailer and wagon were used, and IF KC was the guy...that he was picked up in the woods. I suggested that he probably walked out to either the main highway, or the nearest telephone. It is only Marla who claims LD was found by his brother in the woods. Using an MG sportscar, no less, without GPS, in wintertime.

'Plus she said her uncle lost the money, and helllllooooooo….. no one knows where the money is. Much more believable than the other poorly crafted bits of fiction found on this thread...'

In the first version of her story, Marla said LD landed near Sisters, OR. When it was pointed out to her that the money on Tena Bar could be a problem for that story, she changed the DZ to Washington state...and near the Tena Bar money.

'Did anyone take note that she is the ONLY person to have seen the Dan Cooper comic during a plausible time frame? Another example of how much truer her story is than the ‘others’ which have Big Orange Heads...'

Who says he had the comics and that she saw them? Nobody at the house says so except Marla. And where exactly did he obtain these French-language comics? They were mostly distributed in Europe and in parts of French-speaking Canada. It's also very convenient that Marla came forward not a whole long time after the existence of the comic was made public in 2008 by the FBI. When I asked Marla how he may have gotten them, her reply was that 'LD had a car' and probably drove to Canada to get them. LOL.

Wake up, Farf. You've seen her Facebook postings, her gloats about the media and 'capitalizing'. She also claims to take meds for AAD in one of those posts. Her brother, who was there, won't go near her story. Figure it out. I'm sure she's a nice lady in person, and yes, I will agree it took some guts for her to appear at the Symposium. But the FBI found her story without merit, and her publisher figured out the same thing.

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