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Sailshaw says in part:

'With regards to Sheridan in Nepal in a mud hut, my friends that trecked and climed in Nepal in those day say they saw no mud huts or knew of anyone that lived in mud huts...'

Mudbrick huts with thatched roofs in Nepal were in common use years ago, and are still used today in many places. In Nepal, there is Bardia Adventure Resort for example, near the outskirts of Royal Bardia National Park. This is one of many privately-run 'hotels' (a rather generous term) in the area. From a recent review by a foreign traveler who stayed there:

'Neighbourhood: Royal Bardia National Park

With its prime location looking out to the buffer zone, this resort has simple thatched mud huts and a large rustic dining hall. The highlight here is the resortís own animal watchtower...'

This was taken from a review on a travel website. There are many like it, where people mention mudbrick cottages with thatched roofs, although today the majority are using more modern construction. A picture of a typical Nepali mud hut is here: Additional picture attached below.

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More RobertMBlevins miss-information.

You guys need to learn something about Nepal!
Note the palm tress in Blevins' "mud hut" photo
taken from the southern Chitawan rainy district.
That is not the area Peterson lived in or describes.
Peterson lived far north of the Chitawan in the arid
Annapurna Diustrict (a different climate zone!)

The Chitawan where Blevin's socalled mud-hut photo
comes from flanks northen India's tropical zone!

There are five or more distinct climate zones in
Nepal, from the monsoon jungles of southern Nepal
to the arid high mountains of the north, with steps
in-between. Housing construction varies from zone
to zone. Thatch has to be imported into the northern
arid zone!

Peterson presumably lived in the Pokhara Annapurna
district. Attached are typical housing photos from
that region ... no mud huts. Housing there is
constructed from mud and straw bricks, or stone
often with an outer white plaster. White is a holy

Moreover there is no single Annapurna but the
Annapurna Range! Five+ distinct peaks depending
on how you count. [a typical mistake of arm chair
experts]. There is a series of vallies that runs east-
west, south of the Annapurna range; each valley
dotted with villages since ancient times. (the
socalled original urban zone of Nepal). Which area
in this vast area did Peterson live in ?

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