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Kalrigan  (B License)

Oct 6, 2012, 10:05 AM

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Re: [stringtheorygal] AFF1- Rode the plane down :(

First I would like to say welcome to the forums, and the sport. Everyone here has given you great advice, I just would like to see if I can help and maybe the words coming from a newbie just like you might encourage you.

As I said I'm very new to the sport, just finished my 6th AFF and funny enough PChapman has been my instructor for my first 2 jumps hehe. Anyway, let me try and break it down one concern at a time.

1) Gear and harness in particular: Just like you I'm always worried about my harness coming loose and not being tight enough to hold me well, but all my instructors have been great. They have watched me strap myself, made sure everything is secure, safe and in good condition. Then again, I am not exactly a slender woman to it might be different.

2) Nightmares: I think they are pretty normal, happened to me when I first started a lot. The more I jumped the less frequently I got those nightmares, they still happen just not as much anymore. I mean, you are jumping out of a plane for the first time in your life, that's pretty nightmarish enough to be honest, but as long as you are confident in the knowledge you have received from your instructors you should feel more confident. What helped me a lot at the beginning was knowing that my instructors are great, experienced, and know exactly what to do in case anything goes wrong. After all, you are jumping with them right next to you. Knowing both of them will be around me the whole time you're flying down, they actually hold on to you, made me feel a lot safer about the jump.

3) Doubt in gear: I don't think it's possible for you to have absolutely ZERO doubts in your equipment. Just know that as long as you take pre-caution and try your best to follow what you are taught to be safe you will be fine. Malfunctions will happen, line twists will happen, but you should be ready and prepared enough to deal with them.

I also believe you are stressing yourself way too much with the whole powerpoint stuff and what not. It's great to know what you're supposed to do if the worst were to happen, but what you are doing might be affecting you psychologically and scaring you more than you should be in the first place.

Now when it comes to fear of the jump itself, you will be scared and chances are the first 10 seconds or so you will be in shock after you jump, I definitely was, but that gets easier as well. I would be lying if I said I don't get scared still every time to come up to the door, but it's a good thing. One of my instructors told me: "See that fear that you have? Hold on to it for as long as you can, because once that is lost, you'll start doing stupid stuff."

Another tip, you will be expected to relax your body for the flight, and it is definitely easier said than done. What helped me to be honest with you was something my instructor told me, he told me to make sure I'm smiling on the way, smiling while exiting the plane and smiling flying down. That's what I do now, that and watching the horizon helps me relax more than anything else I have tried.

Good luck, and I hope you stick around with the sport. It's a beautiful activity, wait until you your instructors let you fly down without holding on to you, and the first time you pull your own canopy, and the first time you land by yourself. Feelings that I can't even describe. You will be in love.

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