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Oct 6, 2012, 9:42 AM

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With regards to Sheridan in Nepal in a mud hut, my friends that trecked and climed in Nepal in those day say they saw no mud huts or knew of anyone that lived in mud huts. Sheridan had to create his "perfect alibi" of being in Nepal and delivering one of his children about the time of the NORJACK caper. A good question is what is the birthday date of Sheridan's son Sheridan Jr? How close to the November NORJACK date was the birth? Snowmman where are you as you always seem to have all the answers.

The delivering his child at the time of NORJACK was the special part of the alibi for the FBI to leave him alone all this time. How close are the two times? It was not common for husbands to be in the delivery room but I was there for both of my daughters and cut the umbi-cord and could have claimed to have delivered the daughters. My daughters were born at about that same area when husbands were allowed to do those things. How convenient for the perfect alibi to be able to add the delivery and the dates. However, what was the delivery date? How close to the NORJACK date?

Bob Sailshaw

I don't know how much credence I would give to the fact that no one saw "mud huts".
In 1971, Nepal and surrounds looks like a pretty big place with varied landscape and living conditions to me.....

And this guy had to have a trekking permit to go to Nepal in 1971 so I'm wondering how easy it was to get in and out of there without leaving a paper trail....

However, if anyone could do it...It would probably be Sheridan Peterson SmileSmile He's led a most interesting life.

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