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Oct 6, 2012, 2:09 AM

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Re: [georger] Mud hut in Nepal, 1971

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All I know is mud hut (at base of Annapurna?) with his wife in Nov 1971.

Sailshaw may have more specific info.


This caught my attention:

'In 1970 after working for the International Training Consultants developing curriculum on such topic as land reform, and village and hamlet finances, he and his Filipina wife went to Pokhara, Nepal ..."

Let me make one call tomorrow - no game here
this weekend so people are free.

Georger: what 'caught your attention' is the bio I posted (which Sheridan wrote himself) from when he ran for a school board position in California. You're welcome.

You assume a lot about me, and actually know nothing. And you don't even have the guts to give credit when it's due. I respect your knowledge on the Cooper case, but your negativity can be an issue. Your anger at me forced you into phony quotes and genuine insults. Why is this? Do you really hate me SO much that you sit up nights worrying about it? You're banning me from your browser. Geoff Gray said I was untrustworthy. You poke fun at our housecleaning business. You've even made comments about Gayla. There is no end to it, but all you do is make yourself look cheap. Yeah, I work for a living. Don't see anything particularly wrong with that as long as it's honest.

I'm not sure where you got the idea Quade and I were in collaboration somehow. LOL he's banned me twice. You are certainly funny sometimes, I swear.

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