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Oct 6, 2012, 12:53 AM

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That is exactly what Marla was. She had memories from when she was a small child that were rekindled in talking to her father shortly before he died. She talked of asking if she could be hypnotized to help her bring those memories to the surface.

There is a lot of knowledge here that could have done what Eric Nalder does -- help draw our more of her story and tried to figure out things like how could her uncle jump in the dark in an unfamiliar spot, yet be found by his brother and make it to sisters by the next morning.

But, that's not what happened. She was attacked personally. So, she's gone.
Sodium pentathol used to be the protocol of choice -
not sure what protocols apply now, but hypnosis is
completely untrustworthy and even counter -
productive, based on the medical experience I am
familiar with.

RobertMBlevins and Quade would not allow us to
have the forum to go through any process with
Marla. Blevins considers himself an elite informed
'investigator?' and nobody could stop him, so the
result predictable was obtained.

My guess is Blevins saw Marla as direct and badly
timed competition for his damned 'sepher'.

It is very strange just today Blevins recommends to
Jo to go to Agent Ng (the FBI) at Seattle, and even
lays out a protocol for her .. Blevins knows no
bounds when it comes to contradictions, stupidity,
arrogance, and total blindness.

There was nothing anyone here could do (or would
do) to stop Blevins in running Marla off.

Blevin's and AB Book's interests conflicted directly
with Marla being here at all or being given any time
here. Of course Blevins will claim the opposite!

If nothing else Marla should have been allowed to
continue here if only to highlight and possibly bring
out new aspects of the case, but again that
conflicted directly with Mr. Blevin's and the
Moderator's regime.

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