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Oct 5, 2012, 9:56 PM

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Re: [georger] Passive Aggressive Women to English Phrasebook

The conversations you guys are having are not making much sense to me tonight.

Disappointed no one would discuss those last 2 photos on the thread because I really wanted feedback, but seems like you guys just want to play a game.

Well, I am not into games. This is NOT a game for me! My life's mission right now is to get my house in order and to get the FBI to sit down with me and discuss this and someone with me who can keep the details together and straight.

You guys can make a joke out of this or play your games - but NONE of you knew this man the way I did...or thought I did. I did NOT realize until this thread that Duane told me about his life in the third person. The St.Pete article proved that. THE ST.PETE article also (because of another file I have in my possession) is proof the FBI did NOT investigate Weber in any detail.

Weber could NOT be in 2 (two) places at one time! One cannot be in Folsom/SanQuentin and be in ST. PETE at the same time.
This is why I need a good scanner and copier and someone at the FBI to ACTUALLY look at the DAMN files.

I just said somethings I deleted - and it is hard to keep all of this inside.

Farf - I hope you have to CRAP in a thicket of Poison Ivy and Blackberry thorns and a bed of FIRE ants! Then on that evening have to appear at your own Wedding without A/C and be dressed in a Tuxedo.

What you are doing is uncalled for and insulting. I certainly do not do what I do for my health and I am dead earnest. ALL I want is some ANSWERS after the witnesses have seen all of the photos, listened to a tape (of Duane's voice), viewed an old video. I also want the FBI to acknowledge the errors they made in their investigation of Weber or prove their information is true and/or prove the things I have are false (but, State, Military and Government records do not lie) or do they?

If you guys ACTUALLY saw these records - you would have a LOT of question yourself. Yet, the FBI will NOT even acknowledge a simple email and I don't even know if they get any emails I send.

P.S. Do you guys know why I did not go to WA when CARR was there and why I KEPT MY PRESENCE IN WA in OCT OF 2010 a secret until I was getting read to leave (and then I called the Portland FBI - NOT the Seattle FBI). WELL now I will tell you. CARR told me on the phone if I went to WA I would get in trouble - he made it sound like I could get myself arrested - if I had what I have now - I think I would have taken my chances.

I am not organized enough to make a presentation of this to the FBI and I am to emotionally involved. I had hoped this thread might be viewed by someone who could help - but, it has become obvious that someone on this thread could actually unveil Cooper and non of you would be able to see it.

Perhaps I am the blind one - but I knew Weber and I have the files and what the FBI says and what the files say do NOT match.
The time lines are there right down a safe deposit box (one I asked CARR to check on)....NO one wants the story to end - because then you guys wouldn't have anything to debate.

Duane said "I'mmm Dannn Coooouper". None of the suspects any of you presented ever made that statement. NO other person in 41 yrs has persisted as long as I have and regardless of the opinion of the thread - Weber does fit the profile of Cooper! If I did not have the papers and what I knew matched what the FBI claims and we had never taken that trip to WA - we would not have had these discussion nor would I have used up 17 yrs of my life to fight this battle if I was not certain of the cause. It is callled JUSTICE. Something America left behind several yrs ago.

What is left of AMERICA is all about SECRETS rather than an open Goverment.

Decisions for the majority are made behind closed doors. The admendments on the ballots - how many of you actually understand them? I don't and the wording is so tricky even professors are having a hard time deciding what they are actually voting for. The way the wording is there - what you are thinking is a No is a Yes and visa-versa.

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