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Oct 5, 2012, 3:48 PM

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Re: [stringtheorygal] AFF1- Rode the plane down :(

It is possible that for thinner, smaller individuals, the leg straps don't easily tighten right down.

A LITTLE bit of looseness shouldn't be a problem except mentally.

Leg straps don't have to be super tight, but you don't want too much slack from legs to shoulders either. Leg straps can OK being a little loose for example if the main lift web is snug so you are tightly contained from crotch to shoulders up against the shoulder straps.

If there is looseness there, on opening the chest strap can ride up a lot and be up against your throat. Not a good feeling, not good for being able to look around, and dangerous if it went too far. That does happen when a harness gets too loose. (But you aren't going to fall out just because of that.)

So see if there is other gear that fits tighter, or make sure the leg straps are absolutely tightened all the way (with one set of the ends of the leg pads folded away to prevent the leg pad ends from stopping the harness being fully tightened). If that's still not enough it gets trickier. A DZ might be willing to remove a bartack in the leg pad to allow the pad to slide back a bit on the strap, allowing more tightening.

Make sure your instructors are aware of the issue so they can see what can be done.

I've also heard of people finding pads to slip over the leg straps, both to compensate for crappy foam if the student gear is older, and to bulk up the leg strap area a bit. (The pads might be ones sold for protecting one's shoulder from a seat belt.)

As for the fear that newbies get in the sport, well, that's a common issue and there are plenty of threads about overcoming fear. Hell, that's part of the fun of throwing yourself at a planet. And it's kind of a hazing ritual, as we experienced jumpers get to crack a smile at the newbies. Wink

Still good for you for standing up for yourself and deciding not to jump when you felt uncomfortable. It may cost you money and embarrass you but skydivers need to be ready to back down too.

P.S. - Standard procedure on is that if a slender girl is uncertain about gear fit, we guys request that she post photos of herself in underwear, so we can better evaluate the situation. That's also the way the world works...

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