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Oct 4, 2012, 9:15 PM

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Re: [MeyerLouie] Passive Aggressive Women to English Phrasebook

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I don't usually double-post, but I've been giving thought again to holding a DB Cooper Whatever Thing at the Auburn Avenue Theatre next August.

Now...I know a lot of you out there in ThreadLand gave me the 3rd-degree because I canceled that idea last year for Auburn Days. But here's the deal: ALMOST NO ONE WAS INTERESTED. I put up a webpage on it for six months, and got TWO EMAILS.

That's right. So I canceled the idea. Anyone with a grain of sense would have done the same. However, with the proper support I might be willing to entertain this for the second weekend of August 2013. But I have to see some REAL interest or forget it.

The Ave seats 250, has a huge pull-down screen, and a big stage for panel discussions. AB always fronts the free refreshments at the Snack Counter. Gayla passes them out. Most people think we hired her for the day, when in reality she's The Prez. Not of everything. Just AB. (*laughs*)

One of the things I want to do is collaborate with a couple of different people on a short film that covers everything truly known about the hijacking, and all the known suspects. I mean ALL of them, the ones at WIKI, even if they've been eliminated. I have great equipment and Wondershare. It can be done. I could organize this to actually work, but not with negativity and certainly not without cooperation.

People don't want to hear that Ken Christiansen might be the hijacker, not by itself. They want to hear the entire DB Cooper story from all sides, all suspects, all angles. And that includes the Seattle FBI and their efforts to solve the case.

There are some benefits to participating. For example, core organizers will get a free box seat and lunch at Emerald Downs, a photo op, minor TV on a cable sports channel, and you can see the horses up close and maybe do some betting on the races. The main event is the Pioneer Queen race, held by Auburn Days and the track co-operatively. Anyone on the Auburn Days committee gets the royal treatment. As chairman for the Auburn Theatre event each year, I'm allowed to name a limited number of folks to attend Pioneer Queen.

Trust me, this is a fun thing. I won fourteen bucks above what I paid for parking, although you can park free if you're willing to walk. And walk.

This is something which cannot be done by just one person, or even the AB staff. It is much bigger than me, or anyone in this office. I see it more as a Northwest thing. Smile

There will already be something next year guaranteed to pack the house. AB is working with the Auburn School District on our Young Writers' Project. Three kids will be signed to contracts/royalty agreements for the best three books subbed. Two will be published for Kindle, the first place winner for Kindle and six/nine paperback. Top three will be announced in the media before the event...but not the order of the winners. That will be done at the theatre. Exact time during that Saturday is still not set. Doing something for kids always brings a crowd. And why not? It's a nice thing.

Blevins, how many times are you going to do the it's-on-again, it's-off-again routine? Don't get pissed, throw a temper tantrum, and threaten to quit when things (like the tentative agenda) don't go your way. It's a broken record, like most of your posts. MeyerLouie

Is that so? Guess you must have skipped over this part of my post on that:

'...I know a lot of you out there in ThreadLand gave me the 3rd-degree because I canceled that idea last year for Auburn Days. But here's the deal: ALMOST NO ONE WAS INTERESTED. I put up a webpage on it for six months, and got TWO EMAILS...'

THAT'S why it was canceled. Did you think I was going to pay the added expenses involved, go through months of organizing, and then no one wanted to participate? The alternate event at the theatre was a big success. By the way, it's posts like yours (see: negative) that were partly to blame.

Maybe I didn't explain myself sufficiently the last time. The theatre event is a part of Auburn Days. I am on the Auburn Days committee and I co-chair this theatre event. This means the city allows me to do whatever I wish at the theatre for the weekend. My co-chair does the Sunday stuff, I do Saturday. But this also comes with responsibilities, and the biggest one is to present to Auburn Days' Head Honcho Connie Henke an event for the theatre that people will actually attend, and/or participate. If there is no interest, then I have to decide on something else. If anyone around this place is interested my email is adventurebooksofseattleAT G frickin' mail Dot Com. Connie has told me that besides the theatre and the city employees to help us, that we might actually get a budget this time, too.

On a less smart-ass note, I have a few thoughts on what might work. A quick list:

Cooper-type parachute/money bag/briefcase demo, done by someone with access to similar items, i.e. a visual on how the skyjacker popped a chute, cut cords, and probably put together the whole jump package.

Short film about all the known suspects. Even the ones out on the edge.

Invite Geoff Gray.

Invite Himmelsbach. (although I hear he charges a fee)

Invite the retired agent who helped interview the witnesses in Seattle. (Still lives in Seattle)

Slideshow on KC. What the heck.

Dona Elliot has told me she would be willing to load up a van and bring Cooper items from Ariel and sell them from tables in the lobby. But she won't come if the program isn't solid. It's a long trip and a lot of hauling. But she's willing.

Invite the Bobby Dayton book folks. They live not far from Auburn.

Panel discussion with questions from the audience.

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