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Oct 4, 2012, 8:14 PM

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Re: [Farflung] Quibbling

Simplistic points, yes/no answers required:

1) Have pictures of Duane Weber been shown to the known witnesses? (Yes/No)

2) Did any of these witnesses identify Duane as the hijacker? (Yes/No)

3) Failing a positive identification, did any of the witnesses name Duane Weber as POSSIBLY being the hijacker?

4) Failing that, did any of the witnesses say that Duane LOOKED like the hijacker? (Yes/No)

5) Was Duane Weber, on 11/24/1971 in a marital relationship? (Yes/No)

6) Has anyone sent pictures of Duane Weber to witness Flo Schaffner for her examination? (Yes/No)

7) Is the woman who identified Duane Weber's handwriting in a book about DB Cooper willing to go on the record now that she recognized the handwriting as Weber's? (Yes/No)

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