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Oct 4, 2012, 2:56 PM

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Re: [trunk] Mirrorless SLRs for Skydiving Summary

Trunk, Thanks for putting that together. I currently own the Panasonic GX1, Sony Nex 5N, and the Olypmus E-PM1 and have used the Olympus and Panasonic For skydiving and wanted to add my thoughts:

Panasonic (with 14mm Pancake lens) - My current favorite of the ones i've tried it has the best remote connection and controls and the pictures turn out well.
Pros: Good external controls - as well as menus within the camera. Best remote connection.
Cons: Heaviest of them all(but still lighter than a DSLR). Battery and card door are on the bottom - if you are using this for work and have to give an editor your SD card this could be an issue. Really right stuff makes a nice plate for this camera that allows access.

Get Hypoxic just started offering a remote adapter, or you can put one together with a 2.5 mm to 2.5 mm Female adapter from radio shack and a cord off of a cheap remote you can find on amazon - no splicing or cutting of wires involved just plug and play(I have the link if anyone needs it).

Olympus(with 14mm pancake lens):
Pros: Good photos, Fast FPS
Cons: User interface isn't that great, can't use the remote with some settings. Remote connection is not very good - I had to stop using mine because the connector kept coming out in freefall. Card/Battery door on bottom.

Used the same thing to make a switch adapter 2.5 to 2.5 mm female from radio shack and a remote cord from a camera switch for olympus(no cutting or splicing just plug and play).

Sony NEX 5N (haven't used this in freefall yet)
Pros: Best photos of the bunch(but not by much), Fast FPS, Lightweight (olympus is lighter). Best video options (1080p at 60fps) .
Cons: In menu camera system (I like external controls). Have to have the camera switch installed (i'm not willing to do that). Lenses are heavy - not as a good a selection yet as the M43 system either. Card/Battery door on bottom.

Overall Recommendations:
Panasonic if you want a camera that has a no hassle remote option and takes good pictures.

Olympus if you are going for the lightest possible setup - Tape the connector in and never take it out (or find someone to make a right angle connector)

Sony: Only if you are a fan of sony's and this camera and don't mind spending the time or the money to modify it (I am not). I plan to use it for high quality video in freefall when I need a step up from my CX110 or go pro. (Google Sony NEX 5n video and see what some people are doing with this camera for normal cinematography)

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