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Oct 3, 2012, 9:30 AM

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NEW photo 1973 of WEBER/Cooper?

This photo is of very poor quality.
It was of 3 men so they have been cropped out. Because of the Quality I had NOT tried to scan it in the past. After I did and enlarged it - I wish I had done it much sooner.

The hairline is very evident on this - why some would call it a receding hairline when it was actually the slant of the head.
Ever feature regarding Cooper is right there.

This pic shows an expression or whatever that I have only found on these earlier photos I am revealing. Duane must have had missing teeth or a poorly fitted bridge - he was not smiling with a broad smile and his mouth appears different than the later photos.

I know he had a bridge when we got married and in his later yrs it had to be replaced.
I was never told when he got that first bridge - but, this photo might help bring that to light.

The tax records from 1969 to 1978 do not make any mention of dental bills - so it must have been paid with cash and for some reason not listed on his tax deductionsl.

Perhaps he used a different name when he got the bridge.

If Cooper had obvious dental problems at the time of the skyjacking - the FBI would have kept silent so they could be sure they had their man. Only someone with access to the FBI files could know this for sure...perhaps their way of making sure they got the right man.

The motion Cooper supposedly made with his mouth could have been to keep a temporary in place or because of missing teeth. Duane had a LOT of pride about his teeth - and I never saw him without the bridge.

Duane had also gain considerable weight from 1971 to 1973 - guess he was eating well!
Although this is could have been in part the kidney starting to enlarge....although it was not noticeable when we met in 1977.

I do want feed back:

The eyes seem consistent, but the fading of this old Polaroid makes them look lighter although I can assure you they were a very dark brown.

The nose does not seem prominent and the glasses are not sitting high which helps, There is a large ink smug on the pic. What I do notice is a small scar he had right in front of his hairline in the middle doesn't show up and there is something different about the hairline from photos taken pre 1973.

Duane had a little dip - almost the "hint" of an off centered widows peak in his early photos, but this would not be visible in picture during our marriage and I was told by a prior wife when they got back together temporarily in 1972 that he had a gash on his head which he claimed he got trimming a tree n the yard.

I never understood why he and his wife would separate in November of 1971 and then get back together in Feb of 1972 and yet it was in Feb/Mar that she supposedly tried to commit suicide per a conversation with her son. Supposedly an ambulance was called...they lived in the Atlanta area.

Yet, in May/June they are granted a divorce and Duane
remarrys immediately. That is FAST work for anyone! Guess there is MORE to this than I know! ALL I know is WHAT family and the wives told me.

Duane had a completely different set of friends after Jan of 1972...but then maybe because of his past and having only lived as Duane Weber since 1968 his circle would have been limited. Why when we would go to N.Orleans he made a point to drop me someplace before going to see his old friends - who only knew him as John Collins.


For some reason the pic is being blocked from being posted. When I try to put it on it simply says LAST#

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