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Oct 3, 2012, 9:04 AM

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Re: [piisfish] AAD Ground reference: effect of DZ/airport difference

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It wouldn't be *wrong*. It just means that your AAD is likely set to fire 130 ft (~40 meters).
you obviously did not RTFM (or you didnt understand it). Hint : Page 18 from Cypres2 manual

The manual does say "When the takeoff airfield and intended dropzone are in different locations, CYPRES
must be switched on at the departure airfield."

But it does not say WHY. Will the Cypres catch fire? I don't think so. Will the calibration be either that of the DZ where the Cypres was turned on, or possibly the airfield one drove to, depending on the time and rate of altitude change involved? Yes, sounds like one of these will be the case, and with the airfield higher than the DZ, 130' may be an acceptable offset.

So the interpretation of "you must do something" depends on what your goal is, and what the consequences are.

Divalent has contacted Airtec who seem to have said that he could just leave the Cypres on. So while it is good to have a careful reading of the manual, in this case the information from the company EXPANDS ON what the manual says, which also means that it CONTRADICTS what is in the manual.

This is an interesting case where the manual is right in a sense but does not cover all possible reasonable courses of action. The manual does give a method that takes a little more time but makes it unambiguous what altitude the AAD is set to.

Divalent sees everyone else just leaving their AAD on and happens to go a little further in investigating the situation, so he's the one dealing with the arguments...

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