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Oct 3, 2012, 7:58 AM

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Re: [DSE] Rich Winstock National Director

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I support a standardized wingsuit instructor rating. I spent hundreds of hours reading emails, reading questionnaires, and talking on the phone. Upwards of 80% of USPA members support this initiative. I feel this will legitimize wingsuiting within our sport and allow it to thrive in a safe and responsible fashion.

Where does this number come from? I don't remember seeing a survey, nor does anyone who I have asked.

What was the question asked?


The survey was sent to the 'players' in the WS community, not all USPA members. I don't recall at the moment how many people that was, but it was in the 100-200 range.


I didn't get one, and I have been on all the official US record WS jumps and the recent 100-way. Maybe my known opposition to the USPA rating for WS instructors played a part in my exclusion.

It was publicly posted on several personal FB pages on which you are a "friend."
It was posted in FB "Wingsuit friends" of which you are a member.
It was published in the public FB page Wingsuit World.
It was posted on FB as a separate page, to which you were invited.
It was posted publicly on, which you frequent several times a day.
It was linked on several FB pages, and you're as active on FB as you are here on
It was published in several blogs, at least one of which would be difficult to believe you didn't read.
It was not a private request for feedback; feedback was requested via Twitter, Facebook,
In other words, short of knocking on your door or calling mobile phones, the Wingsuit SubCommittee did everything they could to reach out for feedback.

Let me repeat what was written, since you appear to have missed it:

"The survey was sent to the 'players' in the WS community..."

Emphasis mine.

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