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Re: [RobertMBlevins] Passive Aggressive Women to English Phrasebook

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Just saying there are definitely 'hair problems' with both suspects...

Gray said marcelled hair - he apparently got this
from some file? will have to ask him. That was from the passenger Robert Gregory, the owner of the painting company. (Pg 92 in Skyjack) All I know is that Gray said he was allowed to read the original FBI witness reports. I *think* it was SA Thomas Eng who granted him the access in Seattle. I would email Gray on this because it's a legit question that he might answer.

As far as Gregory's description, it was just one of many that varied greatly, if you believe Gray's interpretation of those reports. I can't say 'cause I haven't read them. His main point in pages 90-93 is about the different descriptions given by these witnesses. This was the biggest surprise (to me) when I read the book. I thought almost everyone agreed on most major points, and that's how they came up with the sketch. Gray casts doubt on all of that. Yeah...someone should ask him to clarify.

This email link is completely open to the public:

Complete quote on Gregory's stuff from Skyjack:

"Marcelled," Robert Gregory, the paint company owner, tells the agents who interviewed him. The marcel wave is an old French hairstyle created by hot irons.

As co-owner of a paint company, Gregory pays attention to details, especially colors. Gregory says the hijacker's suit was not brown or black. The color was russet, a reddish brown. And the suit, he tells the feds, had wide lapels. Which was strange. Wide lapels are out of style.

Gregory also noticed the hijacker's hair. It was jet black, and had a greasy patent leather shoe polish shine to it. The hair was so dark it could have been dyed. The man's skin was also 'swarthy.' Perhaps he was Mexican-American, or had American Indian blood.

And about how tall?

Not that tall, Gregory tells the feds. About five foot nine...'

Skyjack 71 says in part:

'As far as I know Gray did NOT get this from the FILE, but some of the witnesses he interviewed...'

NO. My best information is that Geoff Gray met in Seattle with Special Agent Thomas Eng and was allowed to view the witness reports.

If he had interviewed the witnesses in the present, he not only would have SAID so....but he would have quoted their comments for the present, as well.

There is none of that in Skyjack for the witnesses quoted between pages 91-93. It's obvious he got that material from another the Seattle FBI.

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