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Re: [georger] Passive Aggressive Women to English Phrasebook

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Just saying there are definitely 'hair problems' with both suspects...

Gray said marcelled hair - he apparently got this
from some file?
If I remembers correctly it was one of the passengers who claims
Cooper's hair was not straight. The the witness's word or Gray's description - none of us will know unless we can speak with that witness. The man said the suit was russet not brown and not black. If this man remembers that much - why has the FBI or Gray not shown him pictures of Duane with the waves. Perhaps because I never provided the pictures.

Wonder if Gray still knows how to contact this witness. If so I will find all of the curly wavy pictures of Duane I can find. His younger pictures definitely showed wavy almost kinky hair - the one at age 25 (it was a guess) and then a picture with is wife right after he got out of Jefferson. She is in that photo and her sister but I can get a corner of his head without getting them in it. Is not high quality and do NOT know who was taking the picture (in fact I never thought about that until just now).

As far as I know Gray did NOT get this from the FILE, but some of the witnesses he interviewed. Mitchell was the closest to Cooper and he told me he really didn't pay much attention to Cooper - as he was studying and really did not know what was going on. He did look only because of the attention the guy was getting.

Never heard the terminolgy Marcelled other than when Gray described. There was a process to accomplish this look, but Duane had natural waves. He did NOT do anything to his hair other than try to keep the curls away, but a good rain and there they were - just as the picture of Duane depicts.

If Duane's hair was moused and set into waves in order to change his appearance - it might have held while he was on the plane.
This process was used by the Flappers for the hairdo's of the time. If he went to New Orleans before flying to WA - that hair do was popular in that area even in the 70's....because of the cajuns and blacks who waited tables and were Door made them intesting and they got more tips.

Be interesting to present photos of Weber with the curly and wavy pics and would have to search all of the pictures I have. The hair-do Gray mentions brings to mind the Clark Gable day and the vaudville days - they deliberatly put product on their hair and created finger waves and when it dried it would stay till you combed out or it got wet. (mostly it was done with EGG WHITES - WHIPPED. Made a great mouse or setting jell...they would add a little fragrance to it also.

The Flappers and showgirls of the 30's /40's did this and that is where the stiff set wave fad came from.

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