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Oct 2, 2012, 1:34 PM

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Re: [sammymalta] Need a Heli to hire for skydiving

What size are you looking for? For pilot +4/5 jumpers, a Single Squirrel (Eurocopter AS350) would be a good choice whereas a Mil MI8 can carry 26. They used MI8's at the Prostejov boogies and they got to 13K about as fast as the Beech.

For cost/value, you can probably find a Bell JetRanger (Bell 206B3) or Single Squirrel nearby. A little more spend will get you an EC130 which would be quite cool for jumping and get 2 more jumpers aboard. For "wow factor" something like a MI8 is going to cost you - a lot.

Dry leases for a JetRanger/Squirrel will be around USD 525/590 per hour repectively. You'll get some good feedback re availability & pricing on the "Rotorheads" section of the PPrune web forum.

When you go price shopping, note that all Aerospatiale/Eurocopter models ending with a “5” means it is twin engine (i.e. AS350 vs AS355 or EC130 vs EC135) and twin-engine helicopters are “eye wateringly” expensive. Some pics of the models below.

Also, keep in mind that you can find the helicopters & pilots, but then the pilots will need to be cleared for parachute operations (don't know how Malta works), but for BPA in the UK, this would entail four live training loads by the pilots, which will be an added cost.

Keep us updated on your Malta heli jumping plans; it may be worth a visit.

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