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Oct 1, 2012, 9:51 AM

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Re: [DSE] Rich Winstock National Director


I just got home and had to catch up a bit. Sorry about that. I was really hoping that this thread didnt turn into a wingsuit standardization bashing forum but I should have known better. TO those who gave generous comments thank you very much, I appreciate the support. I hope to re-enforce your comments through action.

To give a bit further explanation to who the questionnaire went out to:
1) Every DZO, STA, I/E (email from USPA and letter from myself)

2) A list of top advisors that was compiled from initially Taya Weiss and DSE and then each advisor was asked to forward it to anyone they thought could assist us and add anyone who may have been missed. This was a letter to all advisors from me personally. In the end I had approximately 30 people from both sides of the fence. I have every email from every advisor to include the initial ones where certain wingsuitters were recommended.

3) Here on read the very first post under the thread in Winsguit. I explain it in detail and what we were trying to do.

I have become the poster child for WS standardization and maybe a bit deserved or undeserved. In speaking with members, reading emails, pm's, questionnaire's 80 % of all who I dealt with are in favor of this. I am just representing them. What people do not understand a BOD member is supposed to represent the MAJORITY of the members. Remember that "we represent you" So of course if a topic comes up that divides us I wll not be popular but if I am not willing to stand then I shouldnt be in my position.

Some might not know but when I was first approached with the idea, I was not very familiar with the program or the community for that matter. I traveled to Elsinore on my own dime and sat down with DSE and had him show me the entire program as it is in operation at Elsinore. I felt this was a good way to educate myself as to what was being presented. This was the very first time I met DSE and it turned out to be probably the most beneficial thing I did in reference to this topic.

This is just one topic, albeit a major one as of lately, there is so much more we need to do. If everyone wants to argue about the wingsuit standardization then go to the wingsuit threads all 10 of them and let lose. I took a step back for a bit to see how the whole membership feels.

You see I was critisized for not reaching out to enough people, or the wrong people, or the questions were bias, or I was bias, or the punctuation I used was bias. So I took the advice given right here on By the way the social media that was critisized at the BOD meeting for being a small representation of a large group. I took the advice and pushed hard for an opinion poll to go to every single member of USPA through our electronic ballot system and in paper ballot. It was passed and you will receive an opportunity to weigh in on the ballot.

Now whether or not you agree with the program or not is not the issue. The issue is did I do everything I possibly could to represent the members Nationally? If I was willing to go to these lengths to include time, money, effort, then hopefully that is representative of what kind of Director I am. If you jusge me based on not agreeing with the topic understand I am representing the majority.

Just a bit of clarification: as if that wasnt enough, I was then critisized on the question, what content to include, exclude.
Let the members speak through the opinion poll and then we will re-evaluate. What more any one person can do I am not sure.

On Nov 1st you will be given the opportunity to select a new BOD. If the above is representative of how you think a National Director should handle a topic, any topic, then I submit dont judge me on the topic judge me on the representation and the means I went to include everyone on it.

Rich Winstock
USPA National Director

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