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Re: [Farflung] Two weddings in one day!!!

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Good attention to detail Mrshutter45. The nom-de-jour of Geestman a couple years ago was ‘Watson’. What adds to the confusion is the fact that RobertMBlevins states that he never uses aliases even though you will see them constantly used. Why he feels the need to make these absurd statements are beyond me.

This confusion is multiplied by his ‘revisions’ which make no reference to the changes nor their cause. Like a paragraph about Captain Scott being deleted from the original version because it was fabricated out of whole cloth by the author. Nope, just a deletion. Same with the names so it can be confusing except that he repeats everything so often that you are going to pick his phantom edits up by osmosis.

So you have Kenny at ‘Watson’s’ (not their real name) and Geestman’s (their real name, maybe) wedding on the same day. But the hairy arms certainly eliminate Kenny from the suspect pool now so it is all moot and no longer matters.

Clearly all the ‘testimony’ is coincidence or pure BS since Kenny is NOT Cooper as ironically established by RobertMBlevins. Strange world.

You are either 'playing dumb' with some of these statements or...

You are perfectly aware we disguised the names of the Geestmans for the book, and that their true names were revealed in January 2011 after Decoded first aired. You are also aware that prior to the Decoded show, Bruce Smith really got mad when I wouldn't reveal their names.

The idea that we pulled the original version of Blast within a short time (and before 50 copies sold) and revised it shows a bit of responsibility on our part. You think getting all the details right between Porteous and I, working strictly through emails and phone calls was EASY? That was my first collaboration, and doing it that way is tough. There were bound to be glitches, and I warned Porteous the book wasn't ready. The Scott-went-to-the-cabin story was one of those. I saw that reference on a webpage that related the story of the hijacking and I assumed it was real. And it wasn't. Tell you the truth, I'm not even certain that's how it got into the book. Maybe Porteous sent it in one of his emails. It doesn't really matter much, since Scott is dead and can't be a witness anyway, nor does it shed any light on whether KC was the guy or not. In any case, we took it out.

The ONLY alias used in public now is the one for Dawn, Bernie's sister, and that isn't much of an alias since any decent researcher could probably find her anyway, since they would know she has a brother, and that we gave the brother's true name.

ALL true names and addresses of these folks were provided to the Seattle FBI.

And if you REALLY believe all the evidence, all the testimony is simply 'coincidence,' there isn't much I can do about that. My main problem with Gossett as the hijacker isn't the fact he has hairy arms, but that Galen Cook hasn't established an alibi for Gossett, and has used old pictures of Gossett to compare to the sketch.

I notice you dance around a lot with issues that really have nothing to do with whether Christiansen was the hijacker or not. But you're afraid to address the REAL issues, such as the testimony of Jones, or Bernie's sister Dawn, or the lies of Bernie Geestman, which are not only many and legend...but all done to distance himself from any possible involvement.

Never said I could prove Kenny was the guy, but that post back there...the LONG one...I stand by that completely.

And by the way...there weren't 'multiple revisions' of the book. Only ONE. And it's been out for close to two years now. You should try to co-author a book with more than 40 pictures with someone you never get to meet, and only communicate via phone or email. Try that sometime. Then maybe you'll appreciate the difficulty of doing it.

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