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Sep 30, 2012, 3:38 PM

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Re: [airborne47] Beware of the (experts!)

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But not one single (experienced) jumper said that they agreed with that.

That is not correct. EPs were mentioned more than once.

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I also said that as I watched her get lower and lower....

If you saw all that, why then are your even considering the article in the paper?

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Basically what it came down to was that because a newspaper article claimed to quote such an experienced jumper. I was not qualified to comment.

I think you gor all defensive and took things the wrong way.

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And what me and two others claimed to have seen was suspect.

Of course. You read the comments about how dependable "eye witnesses" can be. Add in your level of experience with these things and there ya go.

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So please THINK for yourself. Do you think cutting away a good canopy while your body is wrapped with a deflated cut away is a good idea?

Why would you need to ask? Know what your EPs are for wraps and do know the difference, yes?

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Because if you listen to (the experts) in this sport you can easily kill yourself!

Sad that you would generalize like that. You are waaay off base there.

vYes novices should ask questions of more experienced jumpers and take advice from them.
But that does not mean you should not think for yourself!
Agreed. It's your job to learn as much as you can as quckly as you can so that you can make intelligent decisions for yourself.

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So here’s my non expert advice.

Do not cut away a good canopy in any emergency.

See? this is why advice from young jumpers comes automatically with a large dose of suspicion. You are wrong.

BTW...Ii couldn't tell shit for sure from the video. Will you tell what actually the video was showing with respect to what canopies were out and when?'s not you computer's the clarity.

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