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Sep 30, 2012, 2:29 PM

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Re: [RobertMBlevins] Two weddings in one day!!!

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Hmmmmmm (referring to picture of wedding with name 'Watson' on the photo)

Same wedding, Shutter. Geestman is referred to as 'Mike Watson' in Blast. Margie was called 'Katy Watson'. This was for legal reasons. Later, when Bernie came on Decoded, we started referring to him by his real name. We revealed the true identities of the principles after the show aired, with the exception of Bernie's sister, Dawn.

The reason for not revealing Dawn's true name is for her own safety. She mostly lives alone, although her three grandsons and her daughter take turns spending time with her.

I still like Dawn a lot. She's direct, pragmatic, and wasn't afraid to 'tell it like it is'. The only place she drew the line was to refuse to testify against her brother on television. She wouldn't do that, although she stuck to her testimony even after he tried to get her to take everything back.

She remains the ONLY person to positively associate the tie-tac from the FBI picture with a person: Kenny Christiansen. And she did this BEFORE she was told Kenny was being investigated in the Cooper case.

ok, but we still have problems!

no green on the fairway a top of his head Cool
all of the hair went to his arms Cool
creampuff issues
possible Powderpuff issues Cool
zero pics of rug on the fairway Mad
zero proof money was found on property (hearsay)
the "hiding spot in the attic is questionable because the piece could have been put there for matching the counter top later on, piece was jagged as in left over from a project and thrown in the attic then the new insulation came in and covered it!....possible Cool

also appears he has a "under bite" looking at the "Geestman wedding

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