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Sep 30, 2012, 12:44 PM

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Re: [pchapman] Paradactyl

Thanx! for the tip.

The manual I have is similar to the scan titled "DactylManual", but mine is complete. The file "Dactlyl Manual" is missing pages including "Brief History And Development of Parawing (Paradactyl)" and "Interesting Facts about the Paradactyl "- page 2; and "Easy Steps to closing your Razzor-Back" (pages 19 & 20). Also it's missing the back inside cover whch lists all the dactyl dealers in 1976 and the back cover picture of Jim Handbury and his 4-man team over Tahlequah Smile

If anyone wants a complete high-res (300 dpi) scan, I have it available in two e-mails, one 10 mb, the other 13mb.

Blueskys !!! P. Smurf

p.s. Krip, I 'm looking for photos of David Hersey under the canopy. I don't have any of me flying it...yet WinkSmileCool

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