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Sep 30, 2012, 11:00 AM

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Re: [WickedWingsuits] Beware of the (experts!)

Want bullet points?
I'll state them once again as i just did at the end of this post.
Do not cut away a good canopy in any emergency. Especially if you are wrapped with another one!

Do not fight a malfunction until impact. Without at least trying to get a reserve out!

Now if you still can not understand that? Then i do not know what more to say?

As for contacting Dan directly?
I'll (once again) explain that i do not feel any need to do so. Because unlike so many.
I do not believe that just because a (newspaper article) claims that he said something.
That he actually did. Thereforth i have no dispute with what (he said)
And have a real hard time understanding how so many can take what a newspaper article (claims) he said as fact.

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