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Sep 30, 2012, 6:53 AM

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Re: [jimjumper] Rich Winstock National Director

I would have thought Parachutist would have been first on that list.

No not really Jim, in today's world I can reach more people and have something going viral with in a few hours, spreading it fast in circles of social media and reaching a vast number of people.

Where as with parachutist, I have to draft my shit to their format and then submit it, they will change shit around as they see fit to edit it, you know for space reasons.... and then we have to wait for it to print and then get shipped out and then hope people (members) will take the time to read it, then give enough of a shit to care about the topic and then submit the requested feedback. All of that bullshit can and will take weeks!

And as past history proves, memberships lack of partaking in the elections or the recent request for the industry to make comments on major new standards being pushed by the FAA that will shut down dz's and cost the industry a lot of $$$$.

And just like elections, no one really made an effort to full fill the request by USPA, on a pretty majorly important issue that threatens our sports future, unlike something minor as WS rating.

So if I was going to try to reach a target market, wingsuit community, I would do as DSE has done and in a matter of hours flood my target market, while skipping the untarget market so that the message has time to reach the masses of my targeted market.

By doing so it keeps the issue unclouded of non WS users rants and ill informed statements. Then once I had the issue before the target community a few days, it will reach the rest of the community in outlets like This would help in mass education in a fast way while keeping focused on the subject matter as much as possible.

For example, and a really good one at that is Rich Winstock's use of these forums and social media, along with additional media tools, is reaching membership is a whole new way and he is accessible to all. Unlike others who currently running for seats but use these same tech -geek tactics to spread their election messages in a controlled format and hide from the general population. So in other words, they target those who are shoe in votes like those who jump at their dz and took course to get ratings from them. And you have to request from them to join some social media groups, this keeps control on who says what and selectively fielding questions. So we see these those kind of games all the time in social media and it's taking place in this up coming USPA election and the national elections too..... that is how it works.

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