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Sony digital. DSC- V-1. 5.1 megapixel. An oldie but a goodie. Look...there isn't any real mystery here. Kenny's license and Army records say the same thing. He was five eight. I am five ten and a half. I only did the comparison for something to do while I was at the apartments waiting for the manager to get Kenny's original rental app from the main office. I appreciate your effort, though.

Well that is a nice lens as are all of these Carl Zeiss
branded designs. Your lens is f2.8-4/7-28 (4x
zoom). Olympus etc followed the same lens design
paying nice royalties to Zeiss. So your camera is
f2.8 focused at infinity, with zoom clicks (3) to bring
it to f/4, f/7, and f/28. Each successive zoom click
crops the image accordingly, to a smaller frame with
the smallest frame at maximum magnification at

Now, looking at Far's double photo the scale of the
two photos begins to make sense in terms of the
different cameras used. Im betting whoever took
your photo zommed in to frame you in the door
something like what Kenny's photo portrays, ie
same relative scale. And in order to do that with your
camera the operator hit the second zoom click and
thought 'that looks right, same scale", and took
your photo. So your photo is at around f/7.

Kenny's photo was probably f/8 being an old Brownie
620 fixed lens f/5.6-f/8 or Kodak 35mm shot at f/8.

That would explain why the scales in these photos is
roughly the same, except for the differences
Farflung noted.


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