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Sep 29, 2012, 10:42 PM

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Re: [Farflung] Using A Roofie

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Letís try something totally scientific. Like the elevation of a roof line.

As anyone can see, by comparing these bald heads, against the roof line in the background. Kenny is at least two inches shorter than RobertMBlevins. There is simply no argument as this is science. Kenny was a little wimpy creampuff. This is confirmed and verified by living witnesses.

I think the scales are different - two different
cameras with different focal ratios (f# lenses).
That changes the magification, apparent size, and
depth of fields in the two photos, so they arent
strictly comparable. The switch plate in the Blevins
photo is 28pixel high ... and 23pixels high in the
Kenny photo, reflecting a difference in cameras, ie

Within each photo however where dimensions are
comparable, isnt the standard switch plate 4.5" H
x 2.75" W. You can estimate Kenny's height in
each photo using the switch plate height as a ruler.

I tried this and Kenny comes out about 5'6-7".

I also tried a rectified photo attached and Kenny
comes out a little over 5'6" vs the first estimate
of 5' 10", using 36" as the standard door frame
width ...

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