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Sep 29, 2012, 10:27 PM

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Re: [RobertMBlevins] Using A Roofie

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Gee then I guess you missed the part in the building code about the height requirements for light switches? Bzzzzt. Yes.

How about something like 43 to 48 inches? Iím sure you know the NEC and measured the switch elevation in J-3, since youíre all about quality and accuracy. Like estimating height in a fuselage being so friggin hard because you say so. I know I canít do it.

Youíre very open to external verification of your data and theories, no matter what dark recess they may originate.

It was a casual, non-scientific effort, mostly done because we were curious, and had limited access to KC's old apartment. Yes...we measured the distances between the light switch and the floor, and between the center of the switch and the top of the jamb on both units. Big deal. It was easy to see Kenny was probably shorter than I am. Already said that...

Blevins I dont fault your effort at matching in fact
what you did is better than the average person
might do - that aside .... what type of camera was
Your photo of you taken with? Do you happen to
know what the lens was and its focal length? Was
it a digital camera (cmos or ccd) or film camera
(35mm) or quick shot like one buys at a drug store?

I just need the camera info if you know it - of your
photo of you.

Im assuming Kenny's photo was taken with a 620
Brownie or something at f/8-f/12 fixed lens, if you
know that?

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