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Sep 29, 2012, 1:33 PM

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Re: [sandeep2504] skydive spain directions

Ah Seville I like this place, firstly its reasonable, namely because the DZ is quite a distance away through lots of empty fields. It was a 20 minute drive. From the nearest mini town bollullos across an unsealed road.

The DZ is at Le Juliana.

Anyway why not stay in bollullos, there is a grim ass hostel called the Gadaffi which costs 20 Euro a night. Or there is the Skydive spain staff house which is 17 Euro a night. Or Bob's house.

Public transport is attrocious. There is NO public transport to the DZ. There is no real viable public transport from Sevile to Bollullos.

If I were you I'd cancel the hotel booking, and see if you can stay more local in bollullos. As if you do you can often grab a ride to the DZ with some of the staff who work there.

or even hire a car. I found I could hire a car for about 170 Euros which was considerably cheaper than taxis. (note I am both old and hire the crappest cars from the dodgiest car hire places)

Granted there ain't much to do in bollullos. And there is even less to do if you decide to stay at the DZ bunk house. But tbh there ain't much to do in Seville either. I've passed through there a number of times on motorbike.

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