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stratostar  (Student)

Sep 26, 2012, 10:25 PM

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Re: [Para5-0] Rich Winstock National Director

Rich winstock for USPA national director. Now there is a guy I can vote for, again!

Mr. Winstock is a man of his word, he has shown via his actions, posts, votes and in his general concern to connect and make a difference for the members. I have spoken with Mr. Winstock on a number of issues of concern to me as a member, each and every time I contacted him, he replied in a timely manner and even if we didn't agree on the topic, he took my issue before the board. Not only that, he even made additional contacts to make sure the issues I asked him to address where handled as I would have liked or to simply remind me to make my voice heard to other sitting members.

Mr. Winstock is a much needed breath of fresh air in a stinky, stale room full of lifers who have needed to step aside for some time now. Thankfully this election we have a chance to fill the ranks with new leadership. We as members need to choose wisely in who we elect to lead us into the future.

Mr. Winstock has EARNED my vote and I hope many of you would agree and help this man keep his seat on the BOD, we need more people like Rich Winstock!

Please take the time to vote! (you lazy bastards, it's now online)

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