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Sep 26, 2012, 8:59 PM

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Re: [scottd818] Wings Horrible customer service!!

The relationship between skydiving gear manufacturers, dealers, and customers has some additional issues.

The Ford dealer probably didn't become a dealership just by buying one Ford for himself and selling a couple others to friends.

Some dealers in skydiving gear do big volume and know a lot about the gear and perhaps what is going on at the factory, while others (through no fault of their own) sell the occasional item and can help with basic questions about the order form, but that's about all.

As for the guy this thread is about, I don't know the kind of questions he had or his attitude on the phone, but I can see that he could be thinking that he got better service the last time he bought something worth $50 at a store.

Who knows what the situation really was here, how it came to be that a conversation between a customer and manufacturer went so badly. Did he not get the answers he wanted from the dealer? Did the company suggest that the questions were basic enough that he should talk to his dealer again? Who knows.

FYI, the skydivewings site says:
Our wings products are sold through our dealers only. The only time we sell direct to the public is with one of our 50% off specials (i.e. gift certificates, or 50% off monthly specials that we may run). Please see a list of our dealers world wide. Even if you qualify for a 50% off special we still suggest that you contact a dealer as they are usually able to assist you hands on with questions

That suggests that if you have a coupon, they'll talk to you, even if they like you to go through a dealer.

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