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Sep 25, 2012, 6:34 PM

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Re: [trunk] Sony Action Cam - GoPro competitor (HDR-AS10 and HDR-AS15)

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Oh yeah and the wifi is nice if you have a dedicated computer or smart device for each camera on the dz. Otherwise its a royal PIA since it only works on a adhoc network. The features are nice, but the connecting method makes it such a hassle. By the time you go thru all the menus to connect, you might as well either connect it via usb or the micro HDMI connection.

Mark, not having this issue here. I have been using a Samsung Galaxy 3, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, and an iPhone to connect, it opens right up once the app was installed. If the camera is on, it's instantly connected. Are you using the PlayMemories MOBILE app or the PMOnline app?
The irreplaceable lens is not ideal, and I'm really disappointed it's not AVCHD. The original intention of this cam was AVCHD, but because of Apple's very f'd up licensing at the time (now Mountain Lion can read), Sony opted for h.264. Sacrificed quality for access.

Size comparison

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