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Sep 25, 2012, 5:59 PM

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My name is, my name is, wiki wiki


Yeah i am a Rookie an especially new to this forum.
I read a lot in this forum and now i decided to register.
And my main point is to ask about a speedskydiving subforum.
I have now 200 + about 10 jumps. im interrested in everything and that is my problem.

i have experienced speedskydvcing (very much thanks to thomas "morris" moritz friess for that chance) and did, according to him, a good job.
also im interrested in CReW (Storm in order). (That is also the "fault" of MORRIS.)

Now I want to experience myself.
I want to literally see my edges and i want to go through it.
Go beyond it.

I also started to video. and i am looking forward to learn much, much more.

the Rookie
(its cool, they say:"You fuckin' rookie are faster than me... fuck. look at u.
u just do it and relax (thanks to mark calland!!!!!!!!)
a year ago u were the one hwo asks me about advice and now u r falling faster than me.
Fuck You. You Rookie.

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