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Sep 24, 2012, 10:41 AM

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Re: [Rstanley0312] Cypres misfire

There used to be a time when we admitted when we f----d up. We called it taking ownership in our actions or lack thereof.

It seems more and more jumpers are expecting their gear to do things for them that they themselves can't do or simply don't learn to.

What's even worse is the number of people who simply don't know how their gear actually works.

Very seldom does some one admit they used their equipment beyond the design parameters.

Even less seldom does someone - who after coming on this site and declaring the "sky is falling" - often by using the term "Misfire" - actually comes back on and admits that they themselves caused the incident.

It will be interesting to see if someone comes on and tells why the AAD fired on that tandem in Georgia.

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