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Bibabarb  (D 80771)

Sep 24, 2012, 5:43 AM

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Sigma passenger harness


We are jumping at our dropzone with Sigma harnesses and almost all of the times we experience that after opening the chest strap of the passenger is close to the chin / throat. We think that somehow they are slipping, because we think we fit them correctly (following the guidelines of the manual).

Attached you find some pictures from a handcam video of a random jump with a sigma harness (the video is not made at our club, so used it from youtube) showing the "problem"

Picture 1 is just after exit and it seems that this guy is fit properly (chest strap there where it should together with the straps on his shoulder, against the shoulder bone)

Picture 2 is after opening you can clearly see that the straps which were against his shoulder bone in freefall are now at the height of his ears, and the chest strap is near his throat.

Does anybody have any idea what causes this and how it can be solved.

Looking forward to your replies and suggestions.


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