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nigel99  (D 1)

Sep 23, 2012, 10:28 PM

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Re: [likestojump] Cypres misfire

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Doesn't sound like a misfire.

note the STUDENT mode aad.

Cypres2 Student specs, straight from the horses mouth :

It activates the release unit when it detects a rate
of descent higher than 29 mph (13 meters per second).

As I say, a novice jumping a student model and getting a two out for a moderate manoeuvre isn't desirable, or representative of design intent.

I am fully aware that misfire is emotive, and perhaps something like, undesirable fire is more appropriate wording.

Edited to add: To me this falls into the same bucket as some of the Vigil misfires. The designers have chosen a set of trade-off's that will sometimes bite you (the user) in the arse. Honest evaluation and review on behalf of the AAD manufacturers should hopefully result in improved products in the future.

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