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Sep 23, 2012, 2:31 PM

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Re: [ctrph8] Want a free jump ticket?

+1 on the black rig w red pinstriping & lettering. I demoed a vector micron that was black w red pinstripes & it looked great.

I think the rig that was mostly white looked the best but I doubt I could keep it white. I am just getting rid of a car w oyster white leather seats. Hands down the best looking seats I have ever owned... and the most trouble to keep clean.

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I saw pictures of a rig that I thought was really cool. The rig was essentially all black but it had red piping wherever piping was available and all of the stitching was red. Somehow the red thread on black binding tape looked really tricked out. On this one I threw in a red back pad too. You'll have to use your imagination with the red stitching but the piping is there.

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Im ordering a new wings container and I cant seem to create a design that I love so I thought y'all might be able to help me out. Make a design on the wings website (, then take a screen shot of it and post the picture on this thread. After 3 days ill look at all the posts and ill buy a jump ticket for the person who submitted it.

1. Must be the original wings
2. Cant have any tie dye on it unless you have some sweet connection that could hook it up for free
3. The DZ must be in the US
4. The jump has to be a normal 8-18k ft. jump ticket, not some 30000ft specialty jump

If your doubting the fact that ill actually follow through I admit this does seem sketch, but even if I dont, youll spend maybe 5 minutes making a rig that could win you a free jump. I think the risk is worth it.

THIS IS NOT A SCAM. After I choose the winner, ill call the DZ of their choosing and buy a jump ticket on the phone. I will not contact you aside from the congratulatory message and to get the name of your DZ.


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