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airtwardo  (D License)

Sep 23, 2012, 2:07 PM

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Re: [old_timer] Glasses

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I know of two jumpers that have gotten in the sport of skydiving and refuse to wear Glasses or contacts when they jump! What is with that! Both are woman... Sorry people if you need glasses to drive you need glasses to skydive! Suck it up! This is not a fashion show it is a skydive! I don't give a rats ass if you don't look good in glasses. I wear mine you wear yours!!!

Well 'Old Timer'...

After reading your post I got to thinking~

I had RK 20 years ago which brought my peepers in to 20/20.

Never lost another contact in free-fall, no more nose pinch from glasses...cost me all of 5 bucks with my work insurance coverage!

Went to the eye doc yesterday...hadn't been for a while, I see fine! Cool

NOT!! Frown

Appointment over & doc says...YOU DRIVE seeing like that?! Crazy

'NEW' glasses will be here in ten days...Unimpressed

Thanks for the heads up fellow 'OLD GUY'! Wink

Edited to add:
Yeah I ordered custom 'script goggles too, who the hell KNOWS what I've been missing out there?! Sly

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