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Chris-Ottawa  (A License)

Sep 21, 2012, 7:10 PM

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Re: [pchapman] Demoing my reserve - questions

Hey Peter,

I am actually having fun, is an endless source of amusement!

I tend to disagree with the fact that reserves don't fly like mains. They do, they fly just like 7 cell mains. Of course they don't fly like highly engineered, crossbraced 9 cell canopies, they are a simplistic 7 cell design, designed for reliability.

I think the OP is doing the right thing and taking the time to learn about his gear. Something many, many more people should do. By no means am I saying that all reserve landing should be stand ups, I'm simply saying that they are all more than capable of offering a stand-up landing. Of course conditions, stress, or the situation can affect the landing, but that's not a "feature" of the reserve.

I fully agree that the OP should know that it's not going to fly/land exactly like a 9 cell with a powerful flare, but I would never suggest that he should be given the expectation that he would HAVE to slide it in or PLF etc. That's absurd. I think it's pretty clear based on the fact that this thread was even started, that the OP knew it would be different. It's an airfoil just like any other canopy. By demo'ing it, he will have the opportunity to discover that it may need some adjustment of the flaring style, or timing, but the OP wasn't asking for techniques. As I understand, he was asking for ideas to make the most effective use of his time with the reserve. Techniques should be given by his instructors, in a face to face environment.

A certain post in this thread would have led the OP to expect nothing more than to be slammed into the ground by the reserve after attempting a PLF. Instead, he should be given the opportunity to discover that it does actually flare, and it is actually capable of offering a stand up, graceful landing.

And it's sleep time for me...

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