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Sep 20, 2012, 2:33 PM

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What's a Death Rig look like?

All this talk about cape wells, got me thinking....

You young "Whipper Snappers" may not know what a death rig is....

In the early seventies a few brave souls jumped gear that scared your average jumper. Some of it was perfectly legal, but you had to be a "manly" man to jump it.

We had a couple guys in our club who jumped rigs like that. I used to get scared just looking at them. I think both of those guys, are now both deceased. Jeez, I wonder why?Unsure

There was no messing around with these guys. I think their motto in life, was "No guts, no glory"!

In my mind's eye, a death rig, might have been a pig rig, with one shot cape wells. Complete with Jesus cord, and blast handle. Inside might have been a para-plane. A 24 foot-round-reserve might have topped off their back pack.

I seem to remember a photo of of Airtwardo wearing a rig just like that.....Like I said, if you were really really good, you could survive jumping a death rig, on a regular basis.Wink

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