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Re: [ActionAir] Would you ground this canopy?

Smile Hi Ray

Thank you as a "Master Rigger" / "FAA DPRE" & "Aviation Person" for the time you spent trying to put a public stain on a Master Rigger in front of his 3 ladies skydivers from my DZ visiting your DZ & here on

I hold my answer for taking a decision if you worth any answer - you don't but the readers / posters does worth it.

Few facts:
*The SIL150 have over 400 jumps BUT this is not the only parameter for reline or the how the lines looks TRIM is the most important factor. (you should know that as a Master Rigger / DPRE)

*The SIL150 has more holes at tail area than you show - you show the white bottom skin but not the NAVY top skin - I guess "Hate blinds the Brain", you might think that the holes are nothing this is your right to think different & it should be respected, I can think different & you should respect that as well & not play in the mud.
*The A lines trim are out of spec. by 3"- 4" in between the A group.
*The LST's & BRK-TOG are out of spec. as well.
*The canopy was not grounded but was on hold for reline & repairs & the owner agree with that
**The SIL150 was left as is = nothing was removed or fixed in case the owner will change her decision.
**If I would like to do "easy profit" based on the owner "yes please do it", I would remove the lines & repair the canopy a day after & wait for the new line.

The Story:
The owner of the SIL150 came a said she had some deployment issues, after talking about packing ,line dressing in the rubber bands & so on I checked the A lines trim inside the A group & got a "nice" result = up tp 3-4" in between the lines & 4" between A1 (center) & A5 (outboard) the owner was advised based on all the info. that the SIL150 better be relined before a deployment might hurt the owner or ended with line twist which might lead to a cutaway = reserve deployment - free bag & p/c lost & maybe main canopy lost but most of all self hurting or damage.

The owner was advised to let me run a full inspection before line set order from PD. during the inspection I found some small impact points at the tail area which we see all time at that point BUT also found few holes bigger than 1 ripstop box both in the top skin ZP (Navy) fabric & on the bottom skin 0-3 cfm white fabric.

The owner was advised that IMO the holes might grow up & a major repair might be needed & better be repaired at reline time when all ilnes are removed & surface cover patch will be used.

The owner was advised on few ways of repair & costs.

The owner agree to reline & repair the canopy after knowing the costs of the: (Reline work have a fixed price not including the lines)
*PD lines kit + SM-1 slinks + shipping & import duties + 16% VAT tax, now 17% (payment of the lines is made to the DZ shop - not to me)cost here are higher than in the USA.(yes, I replace the original slinks when I reline the main)
*Reline cost which covers: full inspection, small seams repairs if needed, old lines removal, new lines material, sewing & trim & slinks inspection, reline process,pre-sewing inspection, after work inspection attached to risers.

During the time I spent to find the best, low cost repair for the canpoy I was told the canopy is for sale & she got 2 different mains - 135 sq.ft for few jumps & a ST.120 she owns now - the SIL150 was not sold here. BTW the owner said few times that she want to sale the canopy after being fixed & relined.
The owner took the canopy with her to the USA without any work done for sale it as is.
*Her lines set was sold to a skydiver with a SIL150.

**Few facts for the readers/posters who doesn't know me or met me:

*I'll never use my position to do extra money - I earn my living from skydiving & rigging & my prices are fair even the costs here are much higher by any mean - I do not use USD I use Israeli Shekels !!
*I'll NEVER advise skydivers to go into a process for my own profit if they don't need it !!
*I'm giving my customers the best PRO care I can offer based on the Mfg. Instruction & all the years I study & still study at all time & yes, I do respect the Mfg. instructions - I have issue with any mfg. instructions I deal with the mfg. but I respect.
*I'm spending a lot of time & money for studing, all PIA sym. since 1995 & PIA meetings before the sym., running rigging classes at the PIA for many years, always a part of the PIA/FAA "Riggers Education" program & I'm the only civil rigger from Israel doing that. Most of my income is from skydiving & DZ rigging I do.
*I visited h/c & canopies mfg. & spent time to learn more & keep update my education.
*When I find a rigging error/s I try to trace the rigger & share with him my findings & educate for the right mfg. way to do it.
*I provide my customers a FREE AAD when their personal AAD was sent to Airtec.
*I provide my customers FREE main & reserve canopies when they have an issue with the main or reserve.
*I can be after a jumping day & a customer will ask me to I&R his/her reserve for tomorrow & I'm doing that - I NEVER charge more - I do it as a service even if I have to stay later or wake up early - same for repairs if can be done at that time & keep a customer airborne - NEVER charge extra.
*I spend hours with skydivers at No Charge when they order a new rig (I do not sale) or want to buy a used rig. when ordering a new rig I measure & do all the technical work FREE !!!
*I do NOT charge when I put an AAD into a h/c or replace batt. in Cypres1 if it is a part of th I&R process.
*I do not charge for main closing loops but give these free.
***I know my limits as a Master Rigger & when things are not clear to me I contact the mfg. for advise - I do not use the "Over Power given to me by law" I know my certificate rights but also the LIMITS.
***I do all I can for my customers for having the best Safety & Care when skydiving.
*** Yes, I have my own points of view & standards when I practice rigging you can agree or not but this is my way.
***I put all my forces when I think that my customers deserve a WARRANTY repair or service from a mfg. for having quality / mfg. issues & there are - I do that for the owners Safety & having the correct items which they paid for.

Being a MAIN canopy doesn't mean the care should be "Wild" or careless, it is a parachute that is exposed to multi use conditions & care should be taken as well. Not being a TSO'd item doesn't mean it is in the "Wild West" area. you in the USA hve your own point of view - other countries (yes, there are others in the world Wink) that have different points of view - respect that.
** you might have the best h/c, the best AAD, the best reserve BUT if your main or a main part will fail at a very low altitude nothing will help you - the only thinking will - does that incident could be eliminated by inspection & care ?

The Xaos27 SB for the 2 shorter lines (mfg. error) which left a skydiver injured - it could be found during inspection & line trim check & the incident might be eliminated.

The saying & education "It is only a MAIN or a Non Approved item" is so wrong & might hurt skydivers all over.

*** Each issue in a canopy/parachuting system could be advised different by different riggers but all should be on a PRO basis & not Personal basis.

* Mark - thanks for the support & knowing who I am.

Thank you Ray - as I told you before you want to be respected - respect others !!! You put a stain on yourself & yourself only !!!

Be Safe !!!

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