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Sep 18, 2012, 2:12 PM

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Re: [Chris-Ottawa] Any riggers use a humidifier?

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As far as moisture being forced into and out of your reserve, I think that's a bit far fetched. First, many of the freebags out there are ZP...therefore, next to no moisture would be forced through that

I wasn't aware of ZP freebags, but it doesn't matter, because they have a big opening, where the canopy is inserted. They aren't sealed. Every time you go up and down in altitude, there is a large pressure difference driving the air in and out of the rig.

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Secondly, have you ever tried blowing/sucking through 2, 3, 4, 5, 20, 30 layers of F-111 that are tightly compressed together? Pretty sure not much air/moisture is getting through the first layer or two there either.

The air will definitely get through multiple layers, just more slowly. How do you think it is possible to get a canopy that is already in a freebag to compress a bit more, then a bit more? Some air gets pushed out. If the air didn't get pushed through multiple layers, your reserve would expand a bunch at altitude.

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in my opinion (and we all know how much that matters on that if you can't pack a reserve without artificially introducing moisture, maybe you shouldn't be packing them in the first place.

I can agree with you on that, the advantage of humidity shouldn't be needed to pack a rig, but riggers face a lot of rigs that are tight, and don't feel that they can turn away so many customers. I am happy to have a properly sized reserve for my container, my rigger knows that it won't be a struggle. If my rig was a challenge, I would be glad that my rigger knew this very reasonable method to minimize that battle rather than just brute force.

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