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Sep 18, 2012, 7:01 AM

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Re: [Deyan] Would you ground this canopy?

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No approval = unairworthy canopy.

= big bucks for a rigger willing to unfairly exploit any 'approval' rule
I never though rigging was a way to make big money......unless you're crooked

(standardized requirements are a big win here to keep people from abusing rules like those for income - or to keep excessively conservative types from running roughshod over customers/the converse is true also - keeps riggers that are too loose from being flippant about real safety condition.)

(question for the master riggers - If the evaluator has to step back and say "well, the pilot is only 100 pounds" are they already on the wrong side of the discussion if that has any input to their assessment?)

(i.e., for weights that aren't above the max loading limits of course - if the wing is good to 200 pounds, then why should the fact that the pilot is 100 pounds vs 190 pounds matter??)

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