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Sep 17, 2012, 1:18 PM

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Re: [fj754] Old jumper needs advise

I don't know your age but I understand you as being myself well over 60. Your weight, height and age shouldn't be a problem. The most important is your physical shape. What you need first is having strong leg and arm muscles.
Then find a friendly DZ where they are ready to take care of you and put you back into modern skydiving. Starting with a large square canopy will be the way. Get a good briefing and maybe for the first times at least, have a radio in helmet to match the directions from the ground instructor about when and how doing your approach and flare for landing.

I order to encourage you, not only I am over 60 but my weight is 245 plus equipment. On last July I was in the six way base of the new Canadian record of 102 at Farnham Quebec. In the base there were 2 guys bigger than I and one was 6'5". Go on the following YOU TUBE link to see what I am talking about. You can see me in royal blue jumpsuit breathing oxygen at 18000 feet and waiting for the green light just before exit from the lead plane, a Sherpa of 38 jumpers.
This weekend I have jumped twice for a demo at an AirShow. The airplane was an ANTONOV AN-2, Russian made and biggest biplane in the world.
As you can see I am not finnished, same for you if you get a good preparation.

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