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Sep 15, 2012, 12:04 AM

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Re: [bravoniner] Then and now

Hey, thanks! Next step was today (with gorgeous late summer weather). Looked over the old logs, did a day's worth of retraining and proficiency drills, and then did the rough equivalent of a AFF level 4 jump (release dive with one AFF Instructor) from 12,500'. Other than some undisciplined knees that occasionally gave me a slight "uncommanded" turn, things went great! Good exit, no stabilty problems, good altitude awareness and pull. Nice standup on target. I'm cleared for a solo dive next.

Has it really been almost 29 years?



Awesome! Dropping knees is pretty coming on older folks, harder to arch then it use to. I took up a gentlemen last weekend that had a 20 yr break, left the sport with 160 jumps. Same issue with the knees, but everything else was perfect. I could pick him out from the other student cause he was spiraling down, having a good old time! Great to hear you made it back up in the air!

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