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jonathan.newman  (D 30644)

Sep 11, 2012, 7:39 AM

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Re: [riggerrob] Advice on building a one-instructor (AFP) program

Thanks, Riggerrob. I just moved to Panama, so wind tunnel is not really an option, unless we fly to Florida.

I agree that no method is "best." I am now in the position to build a training program how I see fit.

There is an IAD instructor here, so that's possible. However, other than my own S/L training 15 years ago, I don't know anything about IAD as it relates to a student program.

So, how would you do it? And what do you think of this? I took most of this from the SIM.

1. Tandem. Fun, no pressure
2. Tandem Cat A
3. Tandem Cat B
4. Tandem Cat B
Ground school
5. IAD Cat C w/dummy pull OR AFF C-1 w/1 instructor
6. 10 sec delay Cat C w/real pull OR AFF Cat c-2
7. 10 sec delay Cat C OR AFF Cat D-1
8. D-1 or D-2

I hear what you're saying about higher pre-load equals lower workload. I like it.

For the students, money is not a concern, as the instructional jumps will be sold as a package only (that's a cultural thing in Panama, I guess).

The plane is a 206-U, so I'd love to hear thoughts on a stable AFF exit from a small door, with no bar, step, strut, or wheel (dive? :o)

I think we could start with 3 or 4 tandems. Then, anyone who I think will be a rodeo, I'll pass to the IAD instructor to do 3 jumps in Cat C (heh heh) and the others I will do AFF Cat C.

Economics also plays a part. If I do AFF, I can radio the students down. If the other instructor does a load of IAD, I still have to radio those students down. The choice of method might be driven by the number of students who show up on a given day.

Theonlyski: Don't hijack my thread! But boy, does that bring up questions. I can see where Cat D skills might be taught by a TI (hey, let's do turns on your second Cat B tandem. Here's how we do turns.) But #16 on TI card seems like it calls for an in-air eval as well as ground skills. At the moment, my 2010 IRM is in a box in a storage warehouse in Canada, and I can't get to it.

And ground launching???? !!! PLEASE tell me how you would use this in a student program? (I'm watching a Brian Germain video on Youtube, and I like how it starts with students busting their asses on the sand dune). I'm intrigued.

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