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Re: [RyanFYF] Redo AFF 3 now or wait 9 days for Tunnel

In DeLand the AFF instructors keep all student logbooks on those blue sheets of paper (basically looks like a logbook on a sheet of paper, with room for 7 jumps). For all my jumps they started out asking me how the jump went and what I remembered, then showed me the blue sheet and explained what they had written down and went over the jump from their point of view.

When you graduate AFF they'll give you a copy of that blue sheet so you can copy everything into your logbook.

Over analyzing the jump as it was happening and being too stiff and not comfortable in the air was my issue that caused me to fail lvl 4 twice.

The wind tunnel helped me SO much. I went with bob and trevor. They had an hour block for 4 students, we each got 15 min. That's like getting 17-18 skydives worth of experience back to back. No waiting hours or days to get that next jump in, you do a 1.5min fly in the tunnel, wait about 5 min and get back in. It's great for when you're not comfortable yet. If something felt wrong during that last session in the tunnel, think about it during your 5 min break, talk to the coach for a second about how that last flight was, and then you get to go iron that out immediately and get yourself flying right.

As a bonus I was flying good enough at the end of the wind tunnel that they combined my lvl 4 retake and lvl 5 together, and then a lvl6/7 jump and graduated me. So I still got to graduate after 7 jumps instead of 9.

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