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Sep 7, 2012, 1:21 PM

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Re: [RyanFYF] Redo AFF 3 now or wait 9 days for Tunnel

Who knows, maybe your body position had enough problems that the instructors weren't comfortable fully letting go on L3. If they haven't evaluated you flying free, before going to 1 instructor, then maybe that's why they'd like a repeat.

Sounds like you might want a little more ground work to really figure out what they're looking for, and what you're doing, considering that they were giving constant arch signals despite you thinking that's what you were doing. There's a clear disconnect between expectations, actions, and intentions.

The instructors might also have their own logging system for students, but I don't know the DZ. Still, you'll want a log book of your own as soon as you can.

As for tunnel vs. a repeat L3, the cost will be roughly similar (I'll let others refine that thought). If you think you can fix the issues next jump "no problem", do the jump. But it sounds like there may be doubts about that, that it might take a little more work to get the right muscle tensions and body positions ---- in that case wait for the tunnel and solve the bulk of the issue before returning to the sky. Putting your skydiving dreams on hold for one more week isn't going to matter in the long run. Smile

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